Research Agreement Satellites Civ 6

Research Agreement Satellites in Civ 6: How to Use Them Effectively

Civilization 6 is a game that rewards careful planning and strategic decision making, and one of the key mechanics that players need to master to succeed is research agreements. These agreements allow players to share their technological advancements with one another, giving both parties a boost in research and speeding up the pace of the game.

One of the most powerful types of research agreements in Civ 6 is the satellite agreement. Satellites are powerful tools that can be used for a variety of purposes, including spying on rival civilizations, boosting your own research, and providing valuable information about the game world.

To use satellites effectively, you first need to understand how they work. Satellites are launched using the Spaceport district, which can be built in any city once you reach the Industrial Era. Once you have a Spaceport, you can launch satellites by using the appropriate project, which costs both production and gold.

Once launched, your satellite will orbit the earth and provide you with valuable information and benefits. For example, the Earth Satellite provides you with detailed information about the world’s terrain and resources, while the Weather Satellite gives you information about upcoming storms and hurricanes. The Military Satellite, on the other hand, allows you to spy on your rivals and gather information about their military capabilities.

To use satellites to their full potential, you need to be strategic in your approach. For example, if you are in a race to win a particular victory type, you may want to focus on launching satellites that help with that victory type. If you are playing a militaristic civilization, you may want to focus on military satellites that allow you to spy on your enemies and plan your attacks.

Another important consideration when using satellites is timing. Satellites take time to launch and orbit the earth, so you need to plan ahead and launch them at the right time to get the most benefit. For example, if you are planning a military campaign against a rival civilization, you may want to launch a military satellite a few turns before your attack so that you have up-to-date information about their defenses.

In addition to launching your own satellites, it is also important to be aware of your rivals’ satellites. Spying on your rivals’ satellites and interfering with their launches can provide you with a significant advantage in the game. If you have a strong military, you may want to consider launching a Military Satellite early on in the game to gain an advantage over your competitors.

In summary, research agreements and satellites are a powerful tool in Civ 6 that can give you a significant competitive advantage. To use them effectively, you need to be strategic in your approach, considering both your own goals and those of your rivals. With careful planning and execution, you can use satellites to dominate the game and emerge victorious.

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